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Massage is a kneading of the soft tissues of the body. The kneading may vary in its degree of pressure from gentle stroking to more firm strokes depending on how the soft tissue feels to the therapist.

How Does Massage Work?

Massage has an effect on a number of different body systems. Generally it eases tense and knotted muscles and joints. This effectively helps to improve overall flexibility and mobility.

Gentle massage stimulates the nervous system. Stimulation of the nerve endings in the skin causes the release of chemicals called endorphins. These are naturally produced in by the body and function to promote relaxation and a sense of well-being. They also reduce pain and relieve stress. Deeper, firmer massage stimulates your circulation so that the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your soft tissues is improved. This also aids the lymphatic system which removes toxins and waste products from your body.

Every muscle in the human body is surrounded by a connective tissue structure called fascia. This structure ties the muscles together but when it becomes tight it can stop the muscles moving normally creating a feeling of stiffness.

There are two layers of fascia. The superficial fascia lies just beneath the surface of the skin and includes the subcutaneous fat layer. The deep fascia surrounds muscles and plays an important role in transmitting force through muscles.

Freeing up the fascia over the muscles is an important factor in restoring normal muscle coordination. Restrictions in the fascia can be felt as 'gritty' lumps in the tissue.

Who Carries Out The Massage?

At Synergy Healthcare, all massages are carried out by experienced Chartered Physiotherapists. This means that you are guaranteed a massage by someone who can feel/diagnose any problems in the soft tissue and treat it on the spot.

Who Can Have Massage?

Anyone can benefit from massage. We sell gift vouchers which are ideal if you want to treat of friend or family member to a session or series of sessions.

Tool Assisted Massage

We now offer the latest in massage techniques.

The theory behind tool assisted massage is that creating heat through friction allows breaking of adhesions between layers of fascia. It is these adhesions that cause restrictions in movement. The breaking down of adhesions can cause bruising or reddening over the area being treated. This normally only occurs during the first couple of treatments is a normal reaction and is causing no damage to the muscles.

I have been treated by Keith for the past 10 years. I can truley say it was the best day of my life when I met Keith. He has treated my chronic arthritis in my back and leg and kept me going. I can do so much more day to day and had dramatically helped my pain. I can not recommend Synergy enough for all they have done and continue to do for me.

Mr A Stephenson Northumberland

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