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The Saebo Training Programme is a revolutionary approach to maximise hand and arm function following neurological injury, such as:

  • Stroke
  • Head injury
  • Spinal injury
  • Cerebral palsy

The SaeboFlex allows individuals suffering from neurological impairments such as stroke the ability to incorporate their hand functionally in therapy and at home by supporting the weakened wrist, hand, and fingers. The SaeboFlex is a custom fabricated orthosis that is non-electrically based and is purely mechanical.

The SaeboFlex positions the wrist and fingers into extension in preparation for functional activities. The user is able to grasp an object by voluntarily flexing his or her fingers. The extension spring system assists in re-opening the hand to release the object.

Saebo's pioneering treatment principles are based on the latest advances in neuro rehabilitation research documenting the brain's ability to 're-program' itself through mass practice, task oriented arm training. The SaeboFlex takes advantage of the most recent research by allowing patients to immediately begin using their hand for functional grasp and release activities. Individuals up to 20 years post neurological injury can benefit from the SaeboFlex. In addition, the ability to use the hand in therapy and at home has been reported as extremely motivating during the recovery process. A Dynamic Solution for a Dynamic Problem.

The SaeboStretch® uses a revolutionary stretch technology, which allows the fingers to move through flexion caused by associated reactions and tone. In addition, it utilizes a low-load, long-duration stretch to return the fingers to the desired position. The SaeboStretch overcomes issues which can result from traditional splints including deformity, joint damage, hypermobility, and contractures.

The SaeboStretch® includes three interchangeable hand pieces, each with a different grade of resistance. This feature further protects joints and allows the clinician the ability to customize to meet each individuals specific needs. The liner is easily removable for routine cleaning.

I would like to thank Synergy in Bedlington for his continuous treatment of my back trouble, over the past few years. Keith has continued to help my movement and pain with hands on treatment including acupuncture and recently shockwave treatment. Keith made me feel relaxed every session with no pressure to attend again, unless I needed to. This is unlike some practices I have been to over the the years. He has been very professional in all aspects of his work.

Mr J Tanney

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